Separate part of BLE Collection operations is management of several residential developments. These complexes are distributed in the long-term rental market and targeted towards business people looking for accommodation in Chania area.

Currently main partner is omnichannel company “Teleperformance”, dealing with outsourced omnichannel customer experience management. One of their call centers is based in Chania, meaning that there is a stable demand for accommodation for their foreign agents, who come to live and work here.

BLE Collection has arranged and contracted 3 separate properties, located in different neighbourhoods of Chania:

– Pyrgos Springs (Pyrgos Psilonerou, Platanias, Chania) – 16 units
– Gyrogiali (Kato Stalos, Chania) – 30 units
– Bay View (Megala Chorafia) – 5 units

In all units similar living standards are being offered in terms of furniture, equipment and communications, proving the residents with easy living in a foreign place. Full maintenance, housekeeping and security is also ensured.